Welcome to Jazz Artists on the Greens™ 2017:
A 15th Anniversary Celebration

Come for the lime...Discover the music!


A truly pan-Caribbean Jazz event with artists from Haiti, US Virgin Islands, Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago, this 15th Anniversary of the biggest Caribbean Jazz event in Trinidad and Tobago aims to be one to remember.

Vaughnette Bigford        

Trinidad and Tobago's leading creole chanteuse...

Victor Provost        

Steelpan virtuoso from St John, USVI...

James Jessey Joseph

Haitian konpa and zouk...

William Roblejo's TRÍO

Hot Cuban jazz strings...

élan parlē      

Calypso jazz at its best...



Debuting in 2003, Jazz Artists on the Greens™ (JAOTG) is an annual one-day jazz festival created and produced by Production One Ltd as a celebration of jazz, evolving over the years to feature World Fusion focusing on Caribbean jazz and pan jazz. Highlighting and featuring musicians from Trinidad and Tobago, the region and the diaspora, the event has grown to a limited national and regional prominence with noted recognition via traditional media, international niche websites and social media.


Corporate and public institutions contribute annually to sponsor and subsidise this event. The producers of Jazz Artists on the Greens™ 2017 acknowledge the following:


The tagline "Come for the lime...Discover the Music!™" is the recent marketing push to attract larger number of first time jazz listeners. Live music acts are featured in the relaxed ambience of The Greens at Farm Road, St Joseph, with a growing patron base including families. Other attractions include a Music Market for CDs and merchandise, and vendors offering food and beverage, arts and crafts.


Click image to see map of The Greens and get directions.



Production One Ltd runs the Official Merchandise Tent for Jazz Artists on the Greens™. Selling branded apparel and well as artists music merchandise.


Poutine (Canadian cuisine made with French fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy)
Wings & Fries, Bake and Shark, Burgers, Hot Hogs, Corn Soup
Chef Finbar's Famous Chili Con Carne
Columbian Coffee, Snacks, chocolate


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